Rapid Weight Loss - Are Rapid Weight Loss Diets Or Supplements the Right Way to Lose Weight?

Rapid weight loss is synonymous with people trying to lose 10 pounds in a week or 2 inches in 3 days etc. There are a lot of diets, pills and supplements that are being marketed that claim it will help you lose your weight fast.

You should be warned that all their rapid weight loss claims are farce. There is a distinction between weight loss and fat loss that people fail to understand. Any weight loss program should help you get rid of the excessive fat that remains stored in your body parts like stomach, abdomen, thighs etc. When you lose weight there is no guarantee that these fats are getting burnt. Weight loss can be easily accomplished by draining fluids out of your body. This is exactly what the crash diets and other supplements do. They drain the water and muscle content of the body giving you an illusion that you have lost weight. It is a little wonder that people who lose weight gain back all that they lost as soon as they come out of their diets.

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In fact, rapid weight loss is very easy. By just going on a crash diet and starving your body of calories for a few days, you will lose a lot of weight and not an ounce of that will be fat! What is worse is this will trigger your body to slow down your metabolism. When you go for days without sufficient calories, your brain sends signals to your body to slow down your metabolism so that the fats and calories get burnt very slowly. This is the survival mechanism adapted by the body which tries to conserve the fat and energy during times of lack of availability. Now, when you quit your rapid weight loss diet or program and get back to normal eating, it will result in a condition where you take in a lot of calories, but your body's metabolism is so slow that it does not consume them resulting in accumulation of more fat and additional inches.

The right approach to weight loss would be to do whatever it takes to increase the metabolism so that your body works for you to burn the fat. It is a much smarter way to lose weight - imagine your body working over time to burn the calories for you instead of you sweating out long hours in the Gym.

Each of us has a unique way of how we metabolize our foods. Some people respond better to a carbohydrate diet while others respond better to a protein diet. You need to find out what diet type you are and then stick on to the right kind of food. The real mantra to weight loss is not starving, but eating - Eating the right food at the right intervals will put your metabolism in order and result in burning more calories than you consume.

There are also other factors like exercise, stress, toxins in body etc. that control your metabolism rate. Often times, the toxins and parasites that are present in the body thanks to our unhealthy eating habits and fast food culture have made our body a host of toxic substances and parasites. Detoxifying your body will initially bring about a rapid weight loss, and more importantly cleanse you of toxins thus promoting a better metabolism. Then by following the right diet specific to your body, you can turbo charge your metabolism and turn your body into a fat burning machine and help you acquire your dreamed of body.

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